Do you own a small business and want to take that business online? Farmers, doctors, lawyers and restaurant owners all are in completely separate industries of business, but can all reap the rewards of sharing knowledge and gaining an online customer base. Any small business owner or corporation looking to succeed markets their business in one way or another, and you do not have to know how to program, use Photoshop to design materials, or spend hours learning about search optimization and Google Web Standards (not that you can’t or that it wont help your business in the long run – they are great things to know).

Like any store front, you have a home base and in the online world that base is your website. It’s were your customers will go to learn more about you, your products, services and if you choose we can integrate an e-commerce store so clients can purchase your products or services online.
The next step is to make sure your site is optimized, in short this means to make sure people can find you but optimization is so much more. Optimization is the process of getting your business found in search engines (ranking for keywords and phrases that your customers will use to try and find you), it is the process of making sure your site is handicap friendly based on ADA regulations, and that it is fast and efficient for all browsers. You can sum up search optimization as the standardization for great websites.

Our Goal is to Offer You High-Quality and Stylish Web Services

And finally relationship building and customer service, the back-bone of any good business. Social media can be used for lead generation, customer support, relationship building, reputation management and keeping in contact with customers. It really has a million uses and the first step is to make sure that we get your networks branded and customized to tell your story. Once they are setup (and we’ve picked a couple of niche networks that are popular for your industry) we invite your current customers to join the conversation – if there isn’t one already. Telling YOUR story is just as much about you as it is about your customers and getting them excited to keep coming back to your brand.

Promoting your company involves ongoing content building and campaigns including contests, blogging, writing about your product, using existing advertising tools and email newsletters. Depending on your product or service we may integrate video, event planning, photos and other tools that would interest your customers and entice new customers to purchase your products and services.

Finally we track the progress of these campaigns based on your goals. What goals? Well, we’ll help you develop a few based on your products and services. They may include getting sponsorship if you are a non-profit. If you are a doctor it may involve finding new clients or making sure people in your area know about specific procedures and why you are the best at your job. If you are a handy man or women we can help you show prospective clients that you are a leading professional in your industry and teach them about specific tools of the trade. In the case of retail your goals may include brand awareness, customer support, training, and retention. Once we have set a list of goals and begin defining your story, it’s onto metrics and analytics. We use tools to track your progress and determine over time which campaigns are helping you progress with your goals. Then make changes to the campaign based on what we have learned.